Physical Record Management (Customizable)

(2D/3D Warehouse/File Management) InfiniteECM RM is a Comprehensive Enterprise Records Management solution to identify, index, store, retrieve and track the physical records in both types of 2D/3D warehouses. Using InfiniteECM RM the organizations will be able easily and safely keep and track the valuable assets movement from/to the warehouse with detailed and printable history documents for each transaction to easily locate and find any needed box/file any time. All requests and movements will be issued and tracked electronically using the system without the need for additional subsystems and without using the traditional time-consuming paper/fax orders and delivery notices.

Some of Features in InfiniteECM EDMS:

  • Supports MS SQL/Oracle Database
  • Supports Active Directory and User Defined Login
  • Bilingual languages (Arabic/English interface)
  • Defining indexes & document types
  • Receive, Store and Extract Files using Barcode.
  • Files/Users customizable reports