Document Management System / DMS

InfiniteECM is a scalable Enterprise Content Management Solution. The system will enable the organization to capture, index, process, retrieve and publishing of documents through a friendly user interface. The flexible architecture of the solution makes the implementation of an Enterprise content management is affordable and available. Modular design and scalability allow the solution to grow with the environment and business needs. InfiniteECM includes enterprise application integration features and wizards. This powerful capability enables organizations to easily capture, index, process, store and easily retrieve documents from the main application’ interface, thus increasing the value of your existing applications by adding integration points with minimum source code modifications to retrieve and append the attached documents for each screen. For legacy windows-based applications the integration can be done without any source code modifications to the existing applications.

Some of Features in InfiniteECM EDMS:

  • Supports MS SQL/Oracle Database
  • Supports LDAP/Active Directory and User Defined Login
  • Bilingual languages (Arabic/English interface)
  • Defining indexes & document types
  • Capturing/View All types of Documents.
  • Image optimizing
  • Notes & Highlighting
  • MS Office Integration
  • Search & Retrieve
  • OCR & Content Search
  • Routing Documents and Workflow
  • Documents/Users Audit Trial and Productivity Reports