Correspondence/ Diwan

InfiniteECM supports document routing which enables users to send and receive documents in a collaborative manner to facilitate information sharing and increase productivity. Every InfiniteECM user has a single inbox and outboxes. InfiniteECM users can send and receive documents either in parallel or serial manners and track the document (or every version of the document) as it progresses through the route designated for it. The system manager can define route templates for objections, leave requests, vacations and any other flows that require documents to pass through a certain known path. InfiniteECM also maintains a full history of the document within the flows and records every action that occurs to the document as it passes through the route stages. a comprehensive reporting facility on each step makes the process easy to track and easy to be finished with the minimum time

Some of Features in InfiniteECM EDMS:

  • SQL/Oracle * FTP * Dual Log-in methodologies
  • Duel languages ( Arabic/English interface)
  • Linking Incoming with Outgoing letters
  • Capturing Documents
  • Reports
  • Search & Retrieve
  • Routing Documents & Workflow